The MVP program is intended for students 15 years of age or going to the 10th grade or higher. The program allows students to volunteer in the summer camp and gain valuable work experience. This work experience can be used when the students apply for jobs going forward. To work for the DFH /B.O.S. S Camp any teenager under 18 years of age must have worked as an MVP.


The program also gives parents a way to keep their children busy and occupied during the summer months. MVPs are generally dropped off and picked up by their parents on their way to and after work. This convenience allows parents to give a certain amount of freedom within the defined boundaries of the summer camp for their child to grow and continue to mature.


This is a typical day at the camp:
MVP’s are dropped off at the camp
MVP’s must wear a camp shirt (that they pay for) each day to be in the building
After being dropped off MVP’s sign in before being assigned a task
MVP’s are given task that can include but are not limited to:
o Restroom monitor
o Cleanup duty
o Specialty Camp assistant
o Front desk runner
o On field trips gate / door monitor
o Bus cleanup
o Outside trash pickup
o Camper attendant (walk campers to specified areas)
The cost associated with the MVP program is the t-shirt and certain field trips in which MVP’s pay a portion of the cost. MVP’s are notified in advance the amount of field trips that they are expected to pay a portion of the cost to attend.
MVP’s are expected to be mature and self-starters. This should be treated as a first step to entering the workplace officially. As such, MVP’s are expected to behave and carry themselves as if they are “auditioning” for a job opportunity.
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