Fieldhouse Tournament Protocols


1. Fieldhouse main entrance - fans entrance only
2. Fieldhouse side entrance - coaches, players & referees only
3. Mask are required to enter the building and must be worn at all times.
4. No standing or Seating in the Lobby area.
5. All fans, players, coaches, referees, will enter the GYM thru the main entrance doors and exit the GYM after each game thru the side gym doors as posted and directed.
6. Fans will be allowed to enter the gym through fieldhouse main entrance doors 10 minutes prior to each game time! Once the game is over fans must exit thru the side gym exits as directed and posted.
7. Lobby is only open to purchase food/drinks and or going to the restroom. Please return promptly to your seat.
8. Fieldhouse grill will be open for all games with dining room only being open to 50% capacity. Fans can purchase food/drink and take it back to their seats in the gym.
9. Tournament directors will be required to provide their own labor & supplies for maintaining health & safety of their participates.
Including wipes, sanitizers, etc. to clean player benches, scoring tables, basketballs & fan bleachers during & after each game
10. Team meetings & post-game hand shakes are prohibited.

Gym seating @ 50% capacity

Bridge Academy Green Gym
➢ 9 Bleachers - no more than 18 fans per bleacher.
➢ Chairs - 39 chairs along the baseline.
Total capacity = 201 fans

360 Performance Blue Gym
➢ 9 small bleachers - no more than 18 fans per bleacher.
➢ 6 large bleachers - no more than 24 fans per bleacher
NO Standing in the gym to watch the games, everyone must be seated
Total capacity = 306 fans

Coach, Player & Referee Protocols

1. ALL COACHES, PLAYERS & REFEREES must wear facial coverings when entering the facility and when not on the court.
2. The side fieldhouse entrance will be designated as a player, coach & referee entrance only.
3. After entering the facility All players & coaches must report directly to their room that was assigned by tournament director.
4. Please stay in your designated room until you are cleared to enter the gym for your game
5. All players, coaches, referees will enter the gym thru the main entrance doors and exit the gym after each game thru gym side doors as posted and directed.
6. Players & coaches are not allowed in the gym to watch games


Duncanville Fieldhouse has contracted with a professional cleaning company, D&A Building Services, which will be on-hand during events. After teams go onto the courts, rooms will be thoroughly cleaned before the next groups arrive.

Restrooms will be maintained throughout with all surfaces cleaned with medical-grade disinfectants.

Fieldhouse, AmeriCorps staff and D&A Building employees will work together to keep both the lobby and dining areas cleaned.